About to sneeze or stoned?

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Who asked you?!

icamelatetothenewsiesparty requested “Mush’s little snarl/ arm pump after “Who asked you?” in Carrying the Banner (as they walk away)”


Favorite Musical Songs #4: Seize the Day from Newsies

"Wrongs will be righted, if we’re united. Let us seize the day!"

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favourite films: Newsies (1992)

“Well, that’s the first thing you gotta learn - headlines don’t sell papes. Newsies sell papes.”

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holdmetill-ifallasleep said: Hi! I was wondering if you knew where can I watch Newsies online, cause I'm from Argentina and I searched for it in every dvds store and I couldn't find it! And neither on the internet. I'm starting to freak out because I want to watch it so badly! If u know where can I watch it please tell me!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

YouTube took down all the full movie versions as far as I know but you can now buy a digital version or rent it here

I’m not sure about the blu-ray edition since it might not work in your country.

Is there someone from Argentina that was able to buy Newsies or know the link to watch it online? Thanks! :)

musicon1110 said: Hi! I am really loving your stuff. Especially your Spot gifs. *swoon* I've been a huge Newsies fan since I saw it when I was 9 in the movies back in 1992. Lo and behold I've been desperately seeking out a gif of the boys spinning on the fans at the end of King of New York. Would you be able to make one or direct me to one that already exists? It's seriously one of my favorite bit of all the dance scenes. Anyway, thanks a lot for taking time out to read this. <3

This was seriously what got me wanting to watch Newsies :D

Bumlets <3

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shinyruttinreavers said: My goodness! How did I only just discover your little mecca of Newsies heaven? I've been a longtime Newsies movie fan, too. (Cowboy! - Sorry, that's an involuntary Christian Bale love gush) I love your site! :) Thanks for sharing this with us all! Cheers! D

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